Ultra 30

Whey-Based Natural Chocolate


Fuel your body and stay energized with a balanced meal replacement in creamy Natural Chocolate.

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Fuel Yor Body

Fuel your body and stay energized with a balanced meal replacement option that’s 100% non-GMO with zero added sugars.

Complete Nutrition

Ultra 30™ is carefully formulated with the ingredients you need, without the ones you don’t. The low-glycemic, Keto-friendly shake focuses on intense nutrition centered around higher protein, lower carbs, healthy fats, and fibers. This supreme formula is enzyme active, providing advanced nutrient delivery, digestibility, and absorption.

Support Weight Loss

Decadence doesn’t have to be a downside. Ultra 30™ shakes are 239 calories per serving, contain zero added sugars or sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives. Our sweetener of choice is Zero Cane™, a new zero calorie, zero aftertaste sweetener made from all-natural fermented sugarcane.

Build Lean Muscle

Muscle isn’t only made in the gym. Ultra 30™ packs a punch with 30 grams of high quality undenatured Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate that supports lean muscle building and maintenance. This premium protein yields an outstanding amino acid profile of 18 essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the building blocks in the creation of muscle and every single cell in the body.

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Ultra 30™ Whey-Based shakes are nutritionally complete meals that provide a full spectrum of all-natural, vital nutrients that are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Convenient and tasty, these shakes help to nourish daily, support post-workouts, and maintain a lean, healthy you.

Ultra 30™ features high quality, undenatured Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, complex carbs, essential fats, fiber and all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. These nutrients are the building blocks of vibrant health and feeling your best.


key ingredients

This exceptional formula features highly concentrated, pure forms of botanicals, B vitamins, and trace elements that deliver real, recognizable results. Its well-studied ingredients have been carefully selected and used for centuries to support mood, energy, and brain health.

Undenatured Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate

Ultra 30™ WHEY-Based features the world’s most exquisite, highly sought-after whey protein. This whey’s origin is New Zealand, a pristine island where the farmers meticulously tend to their farming practices and agricultural landscape. Our cows are grass fed, pasture grazed for 360 plus days each year, and milked and rested according to season. Our whey protein isolate is created with proprietary ion techniques, yielding pure, non-GMO, undenatured whey protein isolate with a profound naturally occurring amino acid profile.

Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Minerals

Ultra 30™ hosts a full spectrum of high bioavailable micronutrients- 13 essential natural vitamins and 72 minerals and trace minerals, all playing an important role in health and vitality. Daily intake of minerals and trace minerals are needed to support nearly every bodily function, from cell regeneration, nutrient absorption, detoxification, muscle synthesis, and more. Ultra 30™ features three different sources of minerals and trace minerals – Z1-Minerals™ 72 Ionic Sea Minerals and Trace Minerals, Z2- Minerals™ 72 Bioactive Red Algae Minerals and Trace Minerals, and Ancient Sea Salt with 60+ minerals and trace minerals.

EnZyme 13™

EnZyme 13™ is a custom blend of 13 plant-based, full spectrum broad pH enzymes designed for dairy proteins, ensuring easy digestibility and increased absorption of all nutrients within each serving of Ultra 30™.

Zero Cane™

This new, highly sought-after ingredient is unlike anything on the market. Zero Cane™, the all-natural sweetener made from fermented sugarcane, promises a smooth, zero aftertaste sweetness and zero calories.


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