Community Fasting

Be among experts and peers whose wisdom and experience with fasting will guide you and help you have a safe and transformative experience. Receive the proper guidance, environment, and encouragement in the time before, during and after your fast.

 what’s a community fast?

The benefits of fasting are beautiful, but the act itself is hard. That is where our groups can help. Fasting in community provides support when you want to quit. Instead of fighting hunger alone, you wrestle the through the temptation with friends who are feeling it too.

The second full week of every month, the Stem Cell Fast team leads a 5 1/2 day water fast. Sip on water throughout your day knowing you are detoxing your body, healing yourself and generating new stem cells. Join our online community and share this powerful experience with others. 

Is there a cost?

Joining a group fast is 100% FREE. We want you to enjoy the benefits of fasting without a price tag attached.  

how do I Join?

Join our online fasting community on Telegram! There you will receive information on upcoming fasts, support from other fasters, and guidance and encouragement from our fasting experts every step of the way.

Simplify Your Fast With Burn Mode™

There’s no way around it: abstaining from all food and caloric beverages for 5 days is extremely challenging. You will experience physical and emotional sensations that will test your mental strength and discipline.

That is why we’ve created Burn Mode™, the only fasting aid of it’s kind. Burn Mode™ is a safe, gentle blend of nutrients specially designed to support your body’s natural detoxification processes. With Burn Mode™, you will be able to push through those moments of difficulty so you can take advantage of all the amazing benefits of extended fasting.